Gondwana Canon Lodges ( Canon Lodge, Canon Village, Canon Roadhouse )

Fish River Canyon, Keetmanshoop
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About Gondwana Canon Lodges ( Canon Lodge, Canon Village, Canon Roadhouse )

Discerning guests of the Gondwana Cañon Park in Namibia enjoy a choice of three accommodation options - the Cañon Lodge, Cañon Village and Cañon Roadhouse.

The Cañon Lodge

Namibia's beautiful Cañon Lodge is nestled in the Gondwana Cañon Park, just 20km from the Fish River Canyon. The 25 thatched chalets all enjoy en-suite facilities, and the natural stone used in their construction coupled with the granite boulder back-drop creates a true African experience for our esteemed guests. The restaurant is the ideal getaway in which guests may relax and enjoy the décor of time past, when farming was first introduced into the area. The Gondwana Cañon Park is close by, and is accessible on horseback, by 4 x 4, or even on foot. The shaded terrace invites guests to slow the pace and enjoy a good book, while the swimming pool promises a refreshing dip during the hot African summers. For the more adventurous, Cañon Lodge urges guests to view the crevices of the canyon from the comfort of a light aircraft (Cessna).

The Cañon Village

The Cañon Village is a mere 20km from the main lookout point of Namibia's Fish River Canyon. This village is conveniently situated on the C37, at the foot of an impressive rock face in Gondwana Cañon Park. The Cañon Village is characterised by its Cape Dutch-style cottages, and boasts a charming thatched restaurant, ensuring an ideal base from which to explore the fascinating canyon. These chalets and restaurants have maintained a piece of the culture of the earliest inhabitants, the Bondelswart-Nama, through murals that are displayed throughout. Whilst visiting the village, guests are also encouraged to explore the surrounding Gondwana Cañon Park on horseback, 4x4 drives, or even extended walks. Alternatively, relax with a cool dip in the swimming pool.

The Cañon Roadhouse

The Cañon Roadhouse is the ideal stopover for tired travellers needing refreshment and sustenance. Just 20km from the canyon's main lookout point and 14km from the Fish River Canyon National Park's main gate, The Cañon
Roadhouse is a great base for guests from the world over. 9 en-suite rooms are available for overnight guests and facilities include a restaurant (à-la-carte), bar, swimming pool, petrol station and information centre.

Gondwana Cañon Park in Namibia

The extensive Gondwana Cañon Park covers 1120 km2 of the spectacular Nama Karoo, and is the oldest and largest nature reserve in the entire Gondwana Desert Collection. The Nama Karoo is known for the Quiver Tree and its striking yellow flowers. These trees, set against the clean azure of the African sky, are actually stem succulents typical of the Nama Karoo, growing in clusters throughout the park. Apart from fascinating flora, the area is also home to gemsbok, springbok, hartebeest, ostrich and mountain zebra.

Activities in the Gondwana Cañon Park, Namibia

There are a host of activities at Gondwana Cañon Park, all of which start from the Cañon Lodge or Cañon Village (unless otherwise indicated). All guests of these establishments are welcome to book activities on site (subject to availability).

Sunrise Walk:

Experience the superb African sunrises from a hand-picked site. Guests are driven to this spot and served tea or coffee while absorbing the splendour of the orange sun. Once daylight has descended on the refreshed earth, the group takes a short walk back to the lodge. Approx. 1 hour.

Morning Hike:

This 6km hike is led by a qualified guide, who shares his priceless insights into the fauna and flora of the area as hikers are taken into the heart of the Gondwana Cañon Park. Approx. 3 hours

Trail from the Village to the Lodge:

From the Cañon Village, a trail leads up to the gorgeous mountain plateau,
offering awe-inspiring views of the adjacent plains. 'Archway Rock' is the point at which hikers turn and head back to the lodge. The trail takes approximately 2 to 3 hours to complete.

Horseback Safaris:

Take in the impressive landscape of Gondwana Cañon Park from the elevation of horseback.

Canyon Drive:

Sit back and relax while you are driven to the two main lookout points along the Fish River Canyon. The guide accompanying you will share his knowledge gleaned from years spent in the canyon and its surrounds. Approx. 3 hours

Flying over the Fish River Canyon:

The views from our Cessna 182 are unbeatable. Guests are urged to fly in this small aircraft and learn of the rich and varied landscape that defines the area. For photographers, the opportunities are endless. 30 minutes (minimum 2 pax) / 60 minutes (minimum 2 pax)

Sundowner Drive in Gondwana Cañon Park:

The Sundowner Drive commences from Cañon Lodge, Cañon Village or Cañon Roadhouse, and takes about 3 hours. This provides the ideal opportunity to learn about the area in a close-up-and-personal way. Approx. 3 hours.

Sundowner Walk:

After a hot summer's day in Africa, take a short walk to the 'local' mountain. From here, the sunset can be enjoyed while sipping on refreshing sundowners and interacting with other guests.

Fish River Canyon:

The Fish River Canyon boasts extraordinary dimensions as it stretches for 160km, is 27km wide and 500m deep! This is recognised as being the deepest canyon in Africa and the second biggest on earth (right after the Grand Canyon in North America). However, it is not only its sheer scale that has impressed guests and geologists for many years, but also its origin. It is believed to have originated from a 20km wide fault that appeared 350 million years ago. The river looped through this fault. Then, approximately 120 million years ago, the ancient continent of Gondwana disintegrated and the Fish River dug deep into the ground, creating its own river system. It is this system that travellers from all over the world enjoy to this day.

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