Delta Camp

South-western of Chiefs Island, adjacent Moremi Game Reserve
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About Delta Camp

Delta Camp is set in the gorgeous, lush forests in the heart of the Okavango Delta. This luxurious camp is on the south-western border of Chief's Island in Botswana.

The waterways of the Okavango Delta include channels, lagoons, extensive floodplains and numerous islands. Being so rich in water sources, this area is home to a number of beautiful and exciting animals. As such, it accommodates a broad spectrum of vegetation, game and over 450 bird species. It is understandable that the Okavango has earned it reputation as being one of the most game-rich areas in the world.

Delta Camp is all about relaxation and serenity in the heart of the African bushveld. However, exciting activities are available and active game-viewing encouraged. Stalking game on foot is a must, as is visiting the local village and meeting the indigenous people, many of whom also act as guides.

Elegant dining in the Dining Room provides hungry guests with top-class cuisine ad incredible views of the Delta's floodplains and resident wildlife. Cuisine is enhanced by using quality vegetables, cheeses, meats and wines. Alternatively, an island picnic is a romantic way to enjoy the stunning ambience of the Okavango Delta with your special someone.

Exclusive lodgings accommodate up to 16 people in lethaka chalets. "Lethaka" is the local term for reeds. Each chalet is built of natural materials and is raised from the forest floor, enjoys en-suite facilities, hot and cold running water, a shower with a spectacular view and solar-powered electric lighting.

Chalets are designed in such a way that all the luxury of top hotels is provided in environmentally non-invasive structures. They are nested among the trees, with views of the spectacular bush and floodplains that surround them.

Guests are able to enjoy a private guide who originates from the local area at no extra cost. These guides have been born and bred in the area, ad have navigated their way around the waterways in their dug-out canoes or mokoros. These guides will also lead guests through the islands, enjoying the abundance of flora and fauna along the way.

Children are welcome at Delta Camp, which makes this the ideal destination for families.

Ecological sensitivity of the area is a top priority ad needs to be translated in all that we do and in every activity and service that we offer. Bio-degradable products have been sourced and are used as part of our commitment to environmental sustainability. We separate refuse and treat nit accordingly to ensure that nothing that s not biodegradable is allowed to stay on the islands. We use light aircraft to transport non-biodegradable goods away.

The people, wildlife, vegetation and birdlife of the Okavango Delta combine to create a unique and unforgettable experience.


During a stay at Delta Camp, guests are urged to engage in a walking safari, where they enter into the habitat of the wild animals. Alternatively, the Mokoro offers an authentic Okavango experience as guests are poled along the vast waterways of the area. These cruises are best enjoyed in the early mornings or late afternoons as animals are enjoying cooler temperatures around the watering holes. Birds, frogs, and even lions provide a background symphony to set the scene.

Once guests reach the island, the guide is able to enlighten all with facts of the natural environment, following animal tracks from the grasslands into the woodlands and spotting some of the more than 450 species of birds in the area.

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