Deception Valley Lodge

North Eastern Border of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, Central Botswana

About Deception Valley Lodge

Botswana's Deception Valley Lodge is a lush oasis in the heart of the Kalahari. This luxury safari lodge is situated close to the world-famous Okavango Delta. This unique venue offers an ideal African-Kalahari experience and boasts authentic Bushmen expertise. Deception Valley Lodge is an opulent and hospitable base from which to explore the Okavango to the north and the magnificent Victoria Falls. This promises an all-round African safari experiences and is a must-do for all visitors to the country.

Deception Valley Lodge exposes the vast expanse of the Kalahari, as well as the varied birdlife and the nocturnal display of starry heavens.

The San or Bushmen guides lend a unique authenticity to the lodge as guests can meet, interact with and learn from these indigenous people on a one-on-one basis. The San culture is one of the oldest in Africa, and these people have an in-depth knowledge of the flora and fauna of the area. Guests are invited to explore the bush on foot, learn about the hunting and survival skills of these people, and experience the cultures and crafts of the Bushmen people. These people are remarkable largely because of their ability to adapt their lives and culture to survive in one of the world's toughest environments.
Main Lodge

Deception Valley Lodge accommodates up to 16 people, sharing. This hospitable setting offers luxurious, comfortable lodging in rustic colours and warm interiors. The restful ambience is set off by attentive service and fantastic scenery. Attention to detail is a key priority to ensure that guests enjoy a unique experience in the midst of the parched Kalahari. Each unit is perched atop stilts, and stands independent from the others. They are connected t the main lodge via wooden walkways.

The main complex comprises a welcoming dining room and bar, furnished in authentic African and Bushmen artefacts. The deck provides idyllic views of the local watering hole, where the resident wildlife engage in a number of activities. A curio shop provides ample shopping opportunities and the library is a welcome getaway. Deception Valley Lodge was built with the environment in mind, and was built without altering, damaging or detracting from ambience and colour of the surrounds.

Hot African days are well-broken by a dip in the crystal blue swimming pool, which lies just alongside the lodge. Dinner under the stars is a popular choice among our guests. The Boma is the perfect venue for such a dinner and guests enjoy the warm summer nights in comfort.


Accommodation at Deception Valley Lodge is made up of 8 comfortable chalets. Six of these consist of luxury twin bedded rooms with and en-suite bathroom set in Victorian elegance. An added treat is the outside shower and private spacious lounge. One chalet has 2 interleading rooms, perfect for families visiting Botswana.

Standard conveniences include a hairdryer, shaving plugs and bathrobe. All units have ceiling fans, mosquito nets, and a private mini-bar. Hearty meals should be followed by a comforting night-cap in preparation for a peaceful night's sleep in the comfortable and safe surroundings of the lodge.


Botswana is a land of eternal beauty and wonder and the ideal place for visitors wanting to experience the essence of Africa. Games drives in open 4 x 4 vehicles (day and night) provide ample opportunities to experience the wildlife and vegetation of the African bushveld. Likely sightings include the elusive Kalahari lion, cheetah, leopard, giraffe, kudu and, occasionally, the brown hyena. Avid birdwatchers are rewarded with over 200 species of resident birdlife. Walks through the countryside are conducted by experienced guides and are a fantastic way to experience the environment first-hand.

The resident Bushmen guides reveal their unique culture and hunting techniques on special guided walks. Their exceptionally vast knowledge of the bushveld and resident animals is astounding. Having an opportunity to interact with this indigenous people is enlightening and not likely to be repeated.

After a day spent exploring the incredible people, animals and vegetation of this area, guests are invited to recall the day's events over sundowners.

Deception Valley Lodge is accessible from Maun or the Okavango Delta via private charter flights.


Deception Valley Lodge is an area rich is wildlife. The grass-eaters include zebra, wildebeest, and hartebeest. Mixed eaters comprise eland, ostrich and oryx, while the defoliators are the kudu, giraffe, steenbok and duiker. Predators are a favourite sight, and comprise jackal, caracal, brown hyena, leopard and lion, while wild dog and cheetah are occasional visitors, along with smaller nocturnal species.

NOTE: During the rainy season, food and water are more abundant and, therefore, the animals tend to be more scattered. They are easier to find in the dry season, when they congregate around the common watering holes. Should you prefer to view the array of birdlife, flowers and thunderstorms, however, the rainy season is definitely the optimal period for your visit.


With over 200 species of beautiful birds, birdwatchers are guaranteed a diverse viewing experience. Summer months see the migrating of many birds, offering lovely opportunities to see different species in one locale. The area is home to many rear endemic species throughout the year.


Distinctly linear dunes are iconic of the Kalahari Desert, and are populated by greenery in the form of grass, trees and shrubs. Being stabilised by this vegetation sets the Kalahari apart from true sand deserts.

Useful Information


The Kalahari Desert is best defined as a semi-arid savannah, and the average annual rainfall at the Lodge is 300mm. The amount of rain determines plant growth and, therefore, the amount of food available to the wildlife in the area. The amount of rain that falls and the distribution of this rainfall during the winter months are of the utmost importance as it determines the type of vegetation that will be most lush during that period. This presents the opportunity for visitors to experience a new Kalahari every season they return.

Plant growth

The immense sand dunes define the landscape. These are spliced by low-lying plains and small pans. Dunes are fringed by larger trees, as are the pans. The most important large trees in this area are Acacia luederitzii, Terminalia prunioides and Boscia albitrunca.

Grass cover

Grass cover in the Kalahari is plentiful. This is vital, not only for the animals that graze off the green carpet, but also as a protection against erosion.

Room Types

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